I Think I Might Have Superpowers

I took a five-hour trip to Sacramento to see my dad for Thanksgiving. Of course, it was just me and all the kids in tow. Mind you my children are ages 5, 3, and 8 months. I don't think much of it because I am just used to it, I guess. The trip up went just fine, Bella my 8-month-old slept the whole way and I thought to myself well that is probably going to make for a rough night but at least the car ride was pleasant. My 3-year-old didn't fall asleep until the last 40 mins of our drive but surprisingly the two older ones were well behaved.

My husband is really the one that holds us all together. He is stern when he needs to be, and the kids listen to him. I on the other hand have been trying to be better about it but my kids don't always listen as well to me. Right off the bat, my dad's girlfriend noticed that their behavior was not as good as when dad is around.

You can see in each child the strain of deployment and the effects that it has on each person in our family. Bella is needy well because she is a baby. Stasia is used to being the baby, so she has become really whinny and wants to be the baby again. Addison is too smart for her own good and is developing an attitude and doesn't want to help because she is always asked to help.

The guests started to arrive and of course, everyone loves babies, so they gravitated that way first. The older ones usually take time to warm up anyway. introductions begin and we all start talking and they realize I have traveled quite a distance with 3 little ones and all by myself. Everyone starts to marvel at how strong I am and is quite amazed that I can do all of this on my own.

I just observed and saw their reactions, but I started to think to myself maybe this isn't normal. Maybe... I have superpowers and I just didn't know it. I began reflecting and it seems everywhere I go people are always amazed. They make comments like "boy you have your hands full." They also always try to help or pay for things when they see me alone with all the kids.

I am super grateful for this and flattered that people are so amazed by my superpowers of being a mom. (Due to deployment temporarily a married mom on her own). With all of the stressors of today I can see why people wouldn't want to have 3 little ones all at one time. There was a time when people had lots of kids and didn't think a thing about it. Today, it takes a village or you realize you have superpowers that you didn't know you had!

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