Connected Souls


A Woman to be Remembered

Four years ago, I got a call in the morning and was told you had a stroke. I wasn't really surprised I knew once I left and moved to Hawaii it would only be a matter of time. You lived, you loved, and you lost. But in the end, you still always thought of others, and I have you to thank for teaching me so many valuable things in my life.

You outlived 3 of your 5 children, which is not what most people hope for in their life. Your youngest, your baby passed in a tragedy, and I commend you for always appearing strong even though I know it broke your heart. I wish I had gotten more time with him too. I was only 4 when we lost him but growing up there were things that I would do, and you would just smirk and say that's something David would do. It felt like he was right there with us.

You had your heart broken by your husband, my father's father, but it just opened the door for you to find your way back to a long-lost love. He was a hardened military man, but he truly loved you and behind all of it I know this to be true. He would drive you up to my softball games 4 hours away, treated and loved me as his own granddaughter. Anytime something involved me he made sure you were there for me because he knew how important it was to you.

You cared for your mom but still gave her independence. You went over every day, made sure she had diluted wine and food, and checked on her. You cared for your husband's mom until you no longer could. You truly are a woman to be remembered!

You remembered everyone's birthday even if it wasn't someone in your immediate family. You volunteered your time to help those in need. You got into gardening to give life to plants after the loss of your youngest son. You truly are a woman to be remembered!

You created some of the fondest memories of my life. I feel as though I am special, I don't know anyone that ever went out of their way to do the smallest things for others just because. You truly are a woman to be remembered!



My birthday is January 23, 1984, your birthday was January 31, 1934. We are Aquarians and we shared a connection like no one else. I'd call, and you would answer to tell me you were just going to call me or vice versa. We were so connected you knew when something was wrong, or I needed something even if I tried to hide it from you. We were connected, souls, and still are.

When I first said goodbye, it was a struggle not to pick up the phone to call you as I did every day multiple times a day. Now I don't have to dial a number, I just talk to you aloud. I used to dread the day that you would be gone, I couldn't even fathom the thought. Now I know that you aren't gone, you are still here. When I needed it the most you came through a lot for me. The littlest things. I would look up and there would be a huge picture of orchids in front of me. One time I found a playing card in a parking lot on a Tuesday. These are all little things that you know I would pick up on and know it was you. We are connected souls and still are.

We had a connection and a relationship that people would envy, and some did. But deep down it doesn't matter because we know that we were connected souls, and no one could ever take that away from us not then and not now.

I hope you know that you taught me so much and I am so grateful to have shared 37 years of my life with you. I also hope you know how much I valued our connection and relationship. As selfish as it sounds, I wish you were still here, but I understand and know that I had to say goodbye. I am extremely lucky to have had a Nana like you. I miss you, love you, and think of you always.

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